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Newton RTK/Newton RTK 5D/

Newton RTK 6D



Newton RTK 1 antenna
Newton RTK 5D 2 antennas
Newton RTK 6D 3 antennas

Designed to determine orientation angles (heading, roll, pitch) of moving and stationary objects (unmanned aerial vehicles, ground vehicles, mobile robotic platforms, sea vessels, etc.) for civil and special purpose.


  • Differential processing (Static, RTK, Rover, MovingBase)
  • High precision orientation angles calculation in GNSS mode
  • Integrated 9-axes MEMS sensor or high precision MEMS sensor (optional) or optional integration with external inertial measurement unit (IMU)

Device structure

  • Satellite navigation and orientation unit
  • GNSS antennas set (optional)
  • External inertial measurement unit (optional)

Newton RTK performs joint processing of signals from satellite navigation systems and data from an integrated or external inertial measurements unit.

Newton RTK supports RTK technology and allows you to accurately determine the coordinates of the location and the angles of orientation - heading, roll and pitch.

Newton RTK provides simultaneous receiving and processing of GNSS signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and NavIC.

Newton RTK is suitable both for use in object orientation systems with high requirements to precision characteristics, and for mass applications due to its acceptable cost and various options.

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